The Classic Knock-Knock Joke

Delivered by Jimmy Vulmer of South Park (kid safe!)

The Ultimate Prank App for iPhone

When Interrupting Cow hears you speak using your iPhone’s mic, she will rudely interrupt with a loud, defiant, but decidedly lovable "mmmMMMOOOO". But as long as you stay quiet, she'll remain quiet too. All Interrupting Cow ever wanted was to graze in peace.

The more you speak, the more she moos, and the more she moos, the more agitated she becomes. Interrupting Cow's facial expressions and moo-style change depending on her mood. Watch her attention shift and her wiggling bovine ear perk up as she listens to you speak before she lets one out.

Interrupting Cow Will Not Let You Get A Word in Edgewise!

- Interrupting Cow, cheeky star of the classic knock-knock joke, in her very own iPhone app!

- An interactive emotion model that determines her expressions and moo-style based on how talkative you are.

- Wiggly ears that gradually perk up and settle down, indicating the level of speech she hears.

- Impassioned moos that can get surprisingly loud by using media playback technology also used by the iPod app and ringtones.

- [NEW!] A settings screen that allows you to adjust the cow's 1) ear sensitivity, 2) talk time till moo, and 3) volume.

- An animated moo mouth that mirrors the cadence of her moo sounds.

- Continues to work when the phone is in sleep mode, for sneakier pranks.


- Know someone that won't shut up? Introduce them to your new friend, Interrupting Cow. She can be very helpful with these types.

- Noisy kids on a long trip? Interrupting Cow can play referee in a parent's favorite game: "Who can stay quiet the longest".

- See if you can get her angry! Talk long enough and you'll see what we mean.

- Try speaking in short spurts of sound, so she won't quite moo. Watch her ear wiggle.

- Get two iPhones together, each running Interrupting Cow, and get them to moo back and forth at eachother.

- For the ULTIMATE HILARIOUS PRANK, open the app, put the phone in sleep mode, turn the volume up, and hide the phone! The mysterious interrupting moos are sure to confuse, fluster, and ultimately demoralize your friends.

- BE CREATIVE!! Don't forget to tell us what you've done with Interrupting Cow in your review!

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